PhD and GRA Openings

Multiple openings for Ph.D. students.


Research topics are in the areas of machine learning, data analysis, signal processing, and artificial intelligence. The research scope ranges from fundamental research (theory and algorithms) to key applications (e.g., in geospatial intelligence, bioinformatics, and wireless communications). Examples:


Graduate assistant appointments (GRA or GTA) will be offered to qualified PhD students, providing stipend and tuition support. Competitive scholarships are also available.

Required Skills:

Other Skills of Interest:


In January 2023, Dr. Markopoulos lab is in the new building of the UTSA School of Data Science,  San Pedro I, in downtown San Antonio. San Pedro I is designed to be an exemplary hub for data-enabled cross-disciplinary research, bringing together researchers from various organizations including UTSA, UT Health, as well as industry, local administration, and federal agencies.

Contact Dr. Markopoulos and Apply for GTA/GRA: 

Interested students are encouraged to apply for these openings. Skills, coursework, experience, and relevance to the above research areas will be considered. Preferred candidates will demonstrate self-motivation, drive for research exploration and scholarly products, excitement to collaborate in teams, independent thinking, and sound time management.

Anyone interested should contact Dr. Markopoulos at with subject "Interested in Graduate Research Opening: [first and last name]", attaching a CV or other documentation that lists:

PhD application and GTA/GRA application are two separate processes. For PhD application, please follow the instructions here

If you are already a UTSA PhD students or if you have applied to any of UTSA's PhD programs or if you are planning to apply to any of UTSA's PhD programs, and you are interested in a GTA/GRA appointment in Dr. Markopoulos' lab, please email him here: GTA/GRA applications will be considered as received and interviews with Dr. Markopoulos will be scheduled. GTA/GRA acceptance decisions will be made only for candidates already applied/admitted to a UTSA PhD program (tentative/conditional GTA/GRA acceptance upon PhD program application, final GTA/GRA acceptance upon PhD program admission). Please note that Dr. Markopoulos is not responsible for admissions to any UTSA PhD program. 

All your emails are respected and greatly appreciated. Due to workload limitations, in the case of a very high volume of emails, Dr. Markopoulos might only be able to respond to the applicants selected for remote interviews. Please do not send multiple reminders. Please feel free to apply to any UTSA PhD program of your interest, regardless of the openings in Dr. Markopoulos’ group. There are multiple top quality research groups in UTSA. For general information about UTSA programs and admission process, please see here.

Note: You can apply to join PhD EE as early as Spring 2023. The application deadline is 11/1/2022 for international students and 12/1/2022 for domestic students; IELTS online suffices; GRE is optional.

Positions available until filled.

MS / BS Research Openings

UTSA MS Students

There are multiple openings for MS theses and graduate research assistantships.


As described above, in PhD openings.


Graduate assistant appointments (GRA or GTA) will be offered to selected/qualified MS students, providing stipend for part-time research.  


As described above, in PhD openings.

Preferred Skills:


Interested UTSA students can contact Prof. Markopoulos at with subject "Interested in Graduate Research Opening: [first and last name]".

UTSA Undergraduate Students

Research opportunities and ML scholarships are available for UTSA undergraduate students that want to do research in the areas of machine learning, signal processing, and data analysis. If you are interested, please contact Prof. Markopoulos at

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